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I like this game.

Nevermind, I watched a speedrun and figured it out. I guess I had the wrong key. They all look the same tho.

Awesome game, what do i do after talking to the tomato under the crust of Pizz Lanet?

Heh, pretty cute. There was one normal person who's stop was on the top floor and I refused to let him off, making him endure an endless onslaught of terrible game ideas.

Not bad.

I didn't feel like the game really called for limited resources, the attacks need some kick and hit effects, the flying part could use a strafe option for when your firing, and i couldn't tell if there was a clear end or if skulls just kept coming. I'd also like an option to change control schemes (Z and X lock up on my keyboard when combined with 2 arrow keys, it's annoying but different keyboards have different nitpicks)

Other than that, good effort. I specifically like the part where you're crossing the gap and have to shoot the bridge out from underneath your feet.

Just played a few races and had a pretty good time. As far as criticism goes though, you must be getting sick of people telling you to make it more like Outrun 2 but yeah that's kinda the case. I feel like the drifting is a little stiff. I feel like tweaking it isn't just a matter of loosening it up though. The way i like my drifts would be keep it LOOSE when you open the drift, TIGHT when you're in the drift, and then LOOSE when your exiting the drift. That way there's a sense of having to make delicate moves when ending the drift so it doesn't swing in the other direction, thus making the car feel like a beast that needs to be tamed. Also for a game named Slipstream i didn't really notice the actual slipstream mechanic when getting behind vehicles, if that actually exist you need to make it a little more noticeable. Only thing else i could think of would be add a little more impact when you hit cars, even Outrun 2 didn't do that well (but then again that might have been to discourage you from hitting cars, hmmmm.) That said I really love the style and i'll definitely keep my eye on this one.

this games awesome

YES, this is exactly the kind of game that makes me crave an endless mode. Maybe have arenas where you can use the rocks as pinball bumpers to give your guy a little extra spring at the cost of his sword length. Maybe a little negative space area outside the arena where you just run around cutting the grass in a field seeing how big you can grow your sword and practicing tactics. This could be a really awesome game you should totally follow up on it.