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Looking at the sample map picture it appears that a tree behind the upperand left most house is cut off

Do you have plans for a thanksgiving release? i know you like doing food so a food based holiday seems odd to not have a page

Thank you so much. This really helps round out the gear icons for my game. <3<3<3

Any chance of making the wizard and other older packs into 32x32. I really like ur art style

Sob, I actually built the skill tree using the skill learn and unlearn plug-ins. This would have been amazing if I hadn't already done all the work manually

wow you guys are killing it with very useful tilesets. I need to learn to map with your style. Keep up the great work.

do you have future plans for this art style?

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I'll just get the unity megapack u have over there. 

I really like this art style but the knowledge that future expansions has me hesitant to purchase the bundle.

This looks like a promising plug-in. Does it have the feature to grant exp for the main character based on required exp to level and do the math from there for the party?

Wow these look great

No problem, I waited for the price

Did you forget to charge for this pack?

Do you have a list of future releases? I really like your work and was wondering if you were going to have armors and mage armors.

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not shown in editor the plates says script error.


Somehow reseting my computer this morning got it working

I get sound and flashing but no animation

Im having the same issues. :(

very interesting. Keep up the good work! Any chance there might be some mage gear in the future for us? 

Can they be used in rpg maker mz?

You guys have gone from good tile set creators to GOAT

Can it be tied to a switch so its a learned skill?


I was looking at my collection of your assets the other day and just thinking how strange it was there wasn't a cave one. Great job guys. Any chance of there being an ancient Egyptian theme for the future releases?

nvm sorry didnt realize PNG isnt the same and png

How do you add more cards. i tried adding some into the folder as the others but the plugin doesnt show them?

Wow this looks better then I had anticipated. Great job. Any chance of a fishing pole or theme to match ur fishing template?

Glad to see you are able to diversify your animations instead of leaning into a specific style or genre. Keep up the great work

I am honestly looking forward to the take on water weapon and gear and how it will stand different from ice.

Another great iconset and amazing work ethic having just released the last one.


*Cough* nature druid* cough*


Are you going to set a new bundle i was already planning to buy all your icons

thats amazing. I'm assuming your working on all the normal elements then?

Why is this pack 14? Is it like 14a, an expansion of the previous one. It looks good but the numbering is confusing me

That would be great thanks

nice. Any chance of combining them all into a long form iconset?