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Hi there.

There is no download function for the images you have created or the game itself. If necessary, please take a screenshot using your own PC's functions.

Hi. Thank you for showing me your work. It has a kind of sacred atmosphere, wonderful.
Good luck with creating the attack animations :)

Hi. Thank you for posting the images. It looks different when it is colored. 

It's very nice to see my tool images arranged by you.

Hi there. Thank you for your pleasant comment.
Are you learning pixel art? That's great!

If the tools I made are helpful to you, please use them. Also, if you make something, it would be great if you could show it to me.

Thank you for making~

Yeah, yeah, that's a handsome combination!

Hi, there's such a game jam, cool!

I'd like to see your work if you don't mind.

Hi there. 
Sorry, this tool doesn't support animation settings. This tool only contains the features that I needed for my game (

That’s nice! :3

Thanks. I'm glad you like it~.

Bob the Cyborg. It's good characterization!

Hi. This tool is for PC browsers. So, it may not work on smartphones and tablets.

Even on PC, some browsers are not compatible, so if possible, try using a different browser than the one you are currently using.

If you have played in the past, please clear your cache.

Naming... hmmm, it's difficult.

I think it's best if you follow your own sensibilities!

Hi, thanks for the video!

I'm glad you're playing with the tool :)

Hi there.

This game was originally made for a one minute game jam, so the time limit is one minute.

I think the time limit might have been a little too tight to enjoy slowly.

Hi there.

You can select colors only in grayscale, using the slider at the bottom of the screen. I don't have any other color settings in mind.

I'll think of different ways to add new parts.


This tool does not have a download function, so please take a screenshot of your screen if you need to.

Hi there.

This tool does not have a download function, so please take a screenshot of your screen if you need to.

Hi, thanks for all the ideas. And thank you for creating nice characters.

I made this tool for my game, so adding more features to it may be difficult. 
But I would like to use the ideas you gave me in this and other tools effectively.


Hi. Please check the added terms of use.

Hi. The tool does not have an animation creation feature. If you want to create your own, there's no problem.

Hello. I don't currently have plans for a standalone version, but I'll consider it.

Hi there. Please check the added terms of use.

Sorry, grid option is not supported.

I confirmed that this application run on Chrome.

When you use that desktop client, you will need to install.

Sorry, there is no save system.

Thanks for the good tips.I will be conscious of shoulders move.

Good streaming hair :)

Currently, I have no plans to localize any other language.

But, I think that I want to localize if I have the chance.

Hi, this character maker is only WebGL so far.

How cute!

It's a very charming game. I love funny lines. 


Oh, It's a blind spot. Thanks a lot!