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actually good game

I FKING LOVED UR GAME, not even joking, its FIRE 9/10, music, graphix, story, game play, i loved ur game,  thing u should probably fix is, how i keep rotating all time and no monster could catch me, and i lov the idea of fiing the submarine(sry if im wrong) but like other than that, i loved ur game, i finished it, and the ending is amazing, best 5 min of my life

about the wind, oh my god i tried fionding a great sfx for that, like the one from karlson 3d demo, and i didnt know, i can easily add that, based on the velocity of the player, i didnt have enough time for sfx, and i only added some for the main menu, for the parachute idea, yee i tried adding it but i knew i would have to find a 3d moddler, and unfortunatly im not, thx for trying out my game, ur awsome.

thx for trying out my game :)

ye 1 person told me about this, dont worry i plan on updating the game (fixing bugs & adding new things) :)

yep, still a game

u ever played dropper game in minecraft ?

thx normal person

game is great loved it :)

Overall great, would be nice if u added webgl 

Great Game dude

thx , i'll consider chagnging that, and thx for trying out my game


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well ye, if i had time, but i will add it sooner or later, cuz im currently working on online leader board and fixing somebugs, but dw i'll cosider adding that, about the sprinting, i had those types of lines when u run, but for some reason, it doesnt work with il2cpp build, i'll try fixing it

i'll consider adding music and maybe try and balance the game play, thx for playing my game :)

ye i didnt have enough time to add music or sound effects, thx for playing my game

wait unitl i add an online leader board : D

thx for playing my game :)

Cool game ngl, just not fitting with the theme

4/5 game is amazing, music fits the game, i loved the shaky camera and everything loved playing ur game

i also had speed lines, but for some reason it doesnt work on the il2cpp buid, thx for trying out my game

wow, i tought easy diffucalty was so easy, besides that, thax for trying out my game :)

well tbf, im by no mean an artist,  i just used some assets online and added some gud lighting

thats a great job u did

loved the game, it is great, u could try and change the art, would be nicer

ur right, i should prbably add an npc, m not a 3d moddler, but dont worry i'll add one :), about the obstacles, yes i will change the for from 50 to 100 (starting range), mid air has it pros and cons, it helps u avoid obstacles, but u'll have to face more obstacles :)

thx for playing my game 

thx man

thx man

game is cool

thx man, rly appreciate it :)

bro dont judge me, im a solo developper and i suck at art aha, jokes aside, thx and i willconsider adding music and more sfxa nd some game juice :)

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fr, the game is awsome, how can i rate the graphics when its literarly real, i loved it, it kept me interested, maybe add a chapter 2 ??

overall great :)

overall gud :)

The Game is Great, but puzzles are hard, still sick

Its hard, just take ur time, i loved it, the art music and it fits the theme 8/10

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Im fixing that NOW, and thx :) for trying out my game

edit (problem fixed :), and im working on online leader board, stay tuned :) )

ur pretty gud, i consider adding an online leader board sos tay tuned :)

i bet u cant get 500 meters in hard difficulty haha, thx for playing it

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thx V037_ Very COOL