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I love running people over in my boat

I was able to get past that point but got stuck right after it, i think its a bug. Its really sad though, this is an incredible game

Really great game, I couldn't get to the end because I didn't have the patience to go through the game every time I die. Maybe you could add checkpoints? If that's part of the creative design, then it's fine. Other than my inadequacy at playing it, the game was really good

I'll try to fix the triggering problem tonight if I have the chance, but yeah, the gameplay lacks intuitive challenge, but I don't think I have time to add any extra levels to the gameplay

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Great game! The controls were a bit touchy for my liking, but the gameplay was surprisingly satisfying. I think its because I was throwing innocent people out of a building. There was a bug where it wouldn't let me enter a door, and made it so I couldn't continue, but other than that it's a very well made game