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Challenging game :)

LMB --> Left Mouse Button

RMB --> Right Mouse Button

Tip: If you want to change between your clones, hold RMB and press LMB to create your clone , then scroll-up while holding RMB.

Thank you :)

thank you :)

The game atmosphere is mesmerizing and the core mechanics is pretty unique I would say. The chapters are fun and challenging. Only thing that bothered me while playing is that in the first chapter each time you die you have to read the story again. Other than that I really liked this game.

P.S : Loved the music..

Pretty Good MMORPG

Nifty game! 

I reallly liked the art style :)

Easy to learn hard to master and pretty fun to play. Also the design (creatures , lava) reminds me of terraria :)

The mechanics are unique and interesting and the game itself is really fun to play.  Additionaly it would be better if you could save the levels after you pass them which will make the game less repetitive.

Thank you for your feedback , this is the first game that I've ever made. I agree with you that it gets boring pretty fast and some power-ups would make it more fun to play  :)