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This was such a fun game. I loved the fact that the masks looked like clown makeup. The mansion was spooky. Loved that too. Anyways, I talked about it in my latest podcast episode all about horror games.

 Absolutely loved this. I liked the little rat card mini-game. I talked about it in my latest podcast episode about horror games.

I made a montage. Seriously, I love this game!! ❤️😂

This is my favorite game about clouds!! Seriously, any game with a top hat, I'll love. 🌧️😍

Forgot to save after defeating the Golden Wizard. 😂 Was more fun the second time.

I'm playing on easy mode, because I'm scared. I love the music and the enemies are so fun.

I hit so many birds.

The Doggo Quest demo was so funny and cute! I had so much fun playing it tonight! 😍🐾

Most adorable spooky cat game I've played this month. 😻

I've never played any of those.

I streamed this on twitch last night. I don't think it's particularly my style, but I did enjoy the circus/carnival theme at the start.

I loved the pixel art. That one pink arcade game was hilarious!!

Streamed this on Twitch last night. I loved the dwarf butt. 😂

Part 3: The final boss battle was really fun. I love lava levels.

Part 2: I loved the robots!!

I should be cancelled for this nightmare fuel that I just drew. It was supposed to be a vampire with a bow on it's head. 😂 I'm having so much fun playing Pikuniku!!

My favorite horror game right now. The puppet was my favorite character. 😁

What a purrfect demo!! More fun than a ball of yarn!!

I hope so too!! 😬

This was terrifying. Always love a horror game that can scare me. 😱🤗

Just posted a let's play!! Really fun murder mystery. I suspected everyone at some point. 🕵️‍♀️

This is sadly, the last part in my let's play. I had so much fun playing this. All the twists and turns and jokes!! It was awesome. 🤡🍕

Part 2!! This game is hilarious. Loving all the parodies.

This is by far the most unique visual novel I've ever played. It's hilarious + cute. Part 1:

I finished playing it today. Here's the last two parts!!

The robot, Tetra is so adorable!! 🤗 Here's part 1 of my let's play:

There were humorous parts, but also ones that made me cry. Very informative too. There were a lot of things that I didn't know about before playing this.

One of the best horror games I've played in a while!!

This was so fun. I never knew goats were so lethal!!

A weird, fun time!! 5/5 Snail Houses!!

I rated this 5/5 stars. The song about cats at the end put it over the top.😺

My favorite horror game about trains!!

Loved the strange guy in the cupboard!!❤

Absolutely loved it. I really liked being able to use my xbox controller to play it. Also, the design is really cute. Below is the first part of my playthrough. Also, Playlist of my full Let's Play

I absolutely love your games!! Midnight Scenes has always been my favorite. I made a let's play of The Supper, which I think is my new favorite. It was so weird in the best way ever. 🤗

I filmed 2 more parts to my let's play.