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Nikolai Evtihiev | Payara Games

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Thank you! We are very happy that you liked our demo! Add our game to steam wishlist :)

Thank you very much for your playthrough and kind words! Don't forget to add our game to steam wishlist :)

Thank you! Yes I plan on expanding this idea, currently I work with a team on it :)

Yes! This game will continue! I already gathered team and we are working on it :)

Hello! Yes it should work fine, you can also tweak settings in game if fps is not very good.

Hello, try to do it from jam page, maybe itch blocked downloads on this page?

Yeah I think demo will be there for sure, but I think actual time for game completion at the state of my vision is about 3 months. I will update devlog when game will be out as full experience :)

After jam end I plan to extend game with more mechanics and story, somewhere up to 2 hours of gameplay

Thank you!

Thank you kindly for your feedback! I'm really glad you liked it :) About Wolves: that's the idea of the story. Wolves aren't physically real :)

Thank you! :)