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Here's my playthrough of this demo and this... this is amazing. The  story is so freaking good so far for the demo and the spookiness was there and caught me a couple times. Also, the quality is great as well. Overall 10/10 and I cannot wait till the full release!!

First off I've never heard or played a game with this type of game play and style, so its very original with the cardboard maze under the bed ideaThis game made me feel nervous, like REALLY nervous. The whole time I was just scared to continue. it really put me on edge.10/10!!

No problem! I had fun

Yo this game is really great and it's kinda funny as well. But, the way he walks without making a sound is too scary though, he caught me with the nastiest jumpscare.

Lol, no problem!

No problem!

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thx, im scared of the dark now.

Very cool game, not gonna lie, but i was expecting the man to jump at me, but that what kinda got me. Well done!!! Also, This is the second game in my  video.

I like this game a lot first game in my vid and it really got me with the scare. 10/10

Thanks for the info, will try it again and hopefully beat it this time.

First, The game Looks amazing, it looks really good and well polished. Second, This game is WAYYY too scary. I haven't been scared like this in a bit. 10/10!!

thanks for almost making me pee myself 🤣🤣 10/10

this game was very well do e the jumpscares are perfect especially the stair one. That was Scary.

Yo this game was great not gonna lie though, it was kinda hard to figure out what to do next but it was really great.

OMGGGG, This game is the best and The jump scares had me screaming every two minutes. 100 / 10. Also, the transition were amazing they worked together so well.

In my video, this is the last game I played. I got lost on the doctor office part after i got locked in the room but managed to find my way out. Overall. The story and gameplay was great for this game.

this is the second game in my video and I didn't expect it to be short but the one jumpscare really got me good. This game is short and sweet.

This is the first game in my video and when i say this game was amazing. This game is just mind blowingly scary and great.

This game was too scary that I had to get my little brother to sit and watch with me. Best horror game I've played in a minute!!
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This game is fantastic the atmosphere is really really good and the little scares here and there got me good. I love this game. I can't wait till the full release!! The only problem I've seen was some frame rate drops every now and the, but other than that great game>.

This game was fun, it was also very scary. The creepy atmosphere and scares got me good. Can't wait till the full release.

I really haven't played a game that scared me this much. I was so scared to even leave the beginning part of the game. 10/10

This game is scary as freakk!! I done dropped my pretzel. 10/10🎉

I love the concept of the game, its one that I've never experienced before and I had a lot of fun playing it. It also has a great atmosphere with it. Can't wait for the full release!!

This game is great. The atmosphere was lacking a lil bit, but when Slender popped out of no where, that's what made up for it. That's what scared me the most during this game. Still a Great Game Though.

Playing this reminds me of a game I played months ago called Vanish. This game has that feel but honestly this was scarier with the ambiance and sudden noises and scares. I tried to play it longer, but I was too scared. This game is really well done. Definitely have to come back to this.

I got to come back and finish it. The atmosphere was too scary for me so i kinda gave up, but this was REALLY well made.

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In my video this was the third game i played and it scared me a lot with the jumpscares.  It was a great game as well.

In this video, this was the second game i played and it was good. the graphics were amazing and the ambiance was great to with the slight jump scare near the end.

In my video this was the first game i played and it was good, not gonna lie i was hoping for more jumpscares but it did give off a scary vibe to it so it was good

The design of the game looks nice. and gameplay is scary so far can't wait till it fully releases.

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The voice in here was AMAZING! It made the game feel more real to me and the jumpscares really got me.  I haven't played a game this spooky in a while. Here's my playthrough of this game.

I love this game. Jumpscares was scary and story was great. story was dark as freak, but very good. P.S. anyone who watches this vid above its quality is 720p60 because it was taken directly from my stream, so i apologize for the bad quality. 

This was a fun game to experience, it was funny and scary. I Love It😘

This game was amazing. I love the heart-warming atmosphere it has.

This was the third game I played in this video and it was AMAZING!!!

(If You Want To See The Gameplay Of This Game Skip To 7:43)

This was the second game I played in this video, around time 3:08 in the vid, and it was scary. Especially the girl screaming, it caught me off guard😂

This game was the first game I played and it scared me sooo bad that I couldn't finish, but I am 200% coming back on here to do a part 2 to this. This game was really well made👍.

This was a really cool game to experience💯👌

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This was the second game I played in the vid and it was amazing!! I did have a little problem with the flashlight, but otherwise great game, I can't wait for the full release.