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This is seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I want nothing more than to explore an entire world set in this universe!

Thank you so much! I'm planning on making another, more fleshed out game with a similar atmosphere. I'll let you know when I have something!

Thank you!

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Thanks dude! I really appreciate the support. This community is great. I'm looking forward to making more.

Yeah mate, i loved it.

It's criminal this has no comments, I absolutely love this idea! Really cool game.

I wish you were able to cancel a mission if you weren't going to make it, otherwise this was really well done! I loved the way you did the stars. Nice.

Wow, everything was really smooth! I love this!

The only gripe I had with the game was that there was no real limit to how quickly you could shoot, so a few times it felt more like how fast can you mash the button than how well can you dodge, but I absolutely loved it. Gorgeous sprite work, great sound effects and music, good pacing too. Really nice job.

I like the idea behind this, it reminds me a little bit of galaga or galaxian. It was strange that there was no bounds for how far the ship could go off of the screen, and I felt the cross-shaped enemies were a little overwhelming, but I enjoyed it!

This is a really nice polished game. I loved the atmosphere of the game, it reminded me a lot of dead space. I really enjoyed it!

Did you see the instruction on how to sprint? I wasn't sure if I portrayed it clearly enough.

I'm pretty happy with how the story turned out actually, I wish I was able to add a cutscene at the beginning that shows a crash landing of the spaceman making it to the planet, but thanks for the suggestions!

Did you figure out if you could sprint? I wasn't sure if I showed it well enough.


I'm really happy to hear that. The character animation took up significant portion of my time, so I'm glad it came out well!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

That's a bummer. I enjoyed it!

This reminds me of baba is you, I love how you have to change the level mechanics in order to progess. Solid.

A really nice alpha, I love the pallete, art, and music.

A lot of placeholder stuff and unfinished, but everything that was there  seemed really solid! I hope you four see this game through, I think it has a lot of potential.

I really liked the visuals! The validate button covered up a planet once, but other than that this was really solid.

I got to 10000 before I stopped. It's pretty simple, I wish there was more gameplay. 

Planet rotation is very cool. I wish there was a bit more to it, but done well for what it is.

A bit strange that the ship doesn't automatically deposit upon landing, as there is no reason not to deposit all you have, but otherwise I enjoyed it.

The sound was a bit loud, but other than that I thought it was great. No major issues, lots of small features, it's obvious a lot of time and effort went into this game. Nice job.

I liked how each boss had different attacks and needed a different strategy to defeat it. Nice job.

Hit the right balance between procrastination-created panic and drive to create something.

I like the animations and artwork! It's come a long way since you posted that animation in the discord.

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Thank you so much! Animation is definitely what I spent the most time on so I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!

I like it!

Really like this one! Simple idea done right.