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It's not out of the question in future!

He'll be around!

Thanks! I am aiming to release later builds with language options, but need to finalise more of the overall writing before getting to that stage. I'll keep this in mind!

Well spotted on the naming conventions! The setting is heavily based on that region, albeit a fictionalised version of it. Porthwarren is an amalgamation of a few towns in the area and geographically speaking would be situated along the North coast.

Without giving too much away about the next chapter, the choices you make in this one lead to the openings of certain routes, but won't "lock you in" just yet. It's more of a chance to get to know a chosen character better before making a more solid decision on what direction you want to take.

Aiming to have this done by the end of July! Apologies for the wait; want to make sure it works as intended.

Eventually and ideally, yes. I want to make sure that the UI for the android/iOS version is designed with mobile devices in mind, which will take a bit more time.

Have updated and it looks to be working in the app now. Let me know if there are any continuing issues.

Thanks for flagging this. It was disabled intentionally in an earlier build and I hadn't changed the statement after re-adding the button. Just updated so it should be working now!

Thanks for letting me know - looking into this right now.