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I'm writing the update for his route this month! 

Uploaded the new builds now, it should fix the issue with Android builds!

More people have this problem, I'll upload newer builds this evening!

I forgot how problematic Android builds can be 😩 I'll make new builds today and upload them here 

I understand the frustration with the project's art direction going in a different direction than you'd like to, there's nothing offensive with that. It's hard for me to relate because I'm a big fan of this sprite personally, but understanding how others perceive it is very important for me.

I decided to move away from the side-facing sprite and go back to a front-facing one after playing the VN with the new sprites. The sprite itself looked fine, but the vibes it was giving felt off. Side-facing sprite felt too detached while a front-facing one is engaged and confrontational. With that previous sprite we tested, the scenes with Mikko only didn't seem to have the same emotional impact to me. This one has better expressions, the pose with folded arms works so well with it, and it carries the same vibe as the current public sprite. I think it works well with the story and his route. My eyes don't parse him as infantile, but I'll try to play around with proportions a bit to see if I can arrive at something better. 

- Keo

The regular builds are back now, try downloading them and your saves should be there. I don't think anything should happen with the progress unless you were playing on Android and uninstalled the game.

We've heard not a lot, but a few very negative opinions about the new sprite, but we don't really grasp what the issues might be, apart maybe from sparsely drawn expressions (talking about no line connecting nose to mouth). I'm personally veyr happy with it and think it captures the energy of the original sprite very well. 

Can you tell us what you don't like about him? Posting the default sprite here.

It'll be back online after today!

Yes! As well as for the end of day 3 on Bjørn's route. We're waiting for the commissioned artwork! 

Only Jørgen left now!

It's the one least pleasant to read, I would say out of the three Snouts is the lightest.

Of course, all of the routes will be continued.

I need more Bjørn too 😩

Not only you have ran into this issue - I'll look into it as soon as I come back from the con and rest a bit! 

Uploaded a revised build - now the new artwork can be found in the gallery.

Blaidd Llwyd's playthrough of the latest Bjørn update!

It is a bit disheartening to read, even if I get the disappointment. Still - sourcing information from pirate websites and then inferring things and then coming here to demand answers feels disrespectful to us as developers and we don't feel inclined to answer.

We're a team and Haku is working on the reworks and setting the direction for it. I support them in this because we're all working hard to make this VN the best we can. The response to the reworks in total has been positive and we continue to work on them - some of the details I've shared in the latest devlog, and I'll get back with more news once we have any we're ready to share with the public.

Thank you ^^

Lake's day 3 isn't finished yet!

If you scroll down, they're in one of the comments near the bottom!

Unfortunately no, games built on RenPy aren't compatible with iOS :c

New sprites and some minor UI improvements!

You're right, good catch! I'm sorry for that. It should be a quick fix, I hope to remedy something for that soon! 

He is quite de-twinkified, bringing him more in line with the intended design, illustrations and descriptions. He also got another pose and a front-facing head for a few expressions that make him more expressive. This is just the first glance and we know that it's quite a change and as every change, it needs some time for adjusting. We hope that you'll like him more in game! 

Well, we did listen. After we've shown the first batch of redraw, there was a lot of negative feedback for Rune, and so he's received a completely new redraw. We've made some tweaks to the other characters too, and gave Rune a front-facing head as well. The new sprite got only positive feedback over there. 

After we release an updated version of Dawn Chorus, we will be again looking forward to any feedback and continue to work with patrons on implementing any changes we will feel are needed. 

The new sprites are definitely a radical change. We know that folks will need a while to get used to the new look, but comparing them to the old ones we're sure that they're an improvement. The rework aims to bring the sprites closer to intended design of the characters, which is super important to us. Hence the more buff Rune and younger-looking Devon. 

19.02 is 19th of February, not the build version 😭

The update for him is already out on Patreon and will be released here on 19.02!

Very soon! We're working on it this month.

Someday. I'm struggling with my ideas for it; the later I'll get to writing it, the better it'll be, and I want it to be truly special. 

Also, check in your saves if you don't have an autosave from eariler in the route (A tab in Load)

I'll look into it now, but sometimes RenPy decides for some reason to break some saves ;_; if rollback/ignore doesn't help, it's possible that you'll have to start from Jump to route and use skip functionality to get to the point you were (there's an option to enable Skip Unseen in preferences!)

Not yet! We're still working on them.

I'd appreciate commenters not posting links to pirate websites.

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Broken Harbours was in huge part an experiment in writing in third perspective in a VN and in that regards I'm happy with the result. From the literary style to more adult themes, it was meant to be very unlike Dawn Chorus. I don't agree with it not sticking to a perspective. 

I agree that the smuttier side and more serious one pull the story in two directions at once and now I wish I stuck only one of these. My interests shifted between the time I wrote down the rough idea and the time I sat down to write the text, the initial plan was for a much more lighthearted story. Still, in the end I'm happy with the result, and though I wish either I toned down the smutty side or leaned only into the horniness, I think it uses the word count well and is still worth a read. It is possible but unlikely that I'll revisit it in a future to tidy it up and expand on it, once the time allows and I need a breather from working on Dawn Chorus again. 

The route is far from finished! The ending with proper credits is an actual end, while the other will get a continuation in the next updates. 

It's not the end of the route, of course! Day 3 can end in one of two ways on Mikko route, and the one with credits is an actual end, while the other will be continued in the next updates.


I don't know if you're aware of the existence of the platform Bandcamp (most of you might be) and its recent acquisition (most of you likely don't). To put more light on the situation, I recommend reading this article:

What I'm getting is that many of the games on also have soundtracks available to buy, including mine. I hosted mine both on and Bandcamp, but I've always seen much more activity and sales on Bandcamp, even though the game itself is hosted here, on Due to the current situation over at Bandcamp, however, I don't want them to get any money from sales of my music and I'd like to redirect people who want to buy the soundtrack to However, as of now, I can only upload a zip with all the files and I can't offer any previews or anything of sorts. Including a player for audio media would help creators to preview soundtracks and potentially increase sales - hence my idea. 

It's already the final version! Any future updates would only add more artwork or something of similar nature. 

Just uploaded the album to bandcamp with a free download!

The events in the story are canon, yes. The story is a sort of a prequel, not a spin-off.