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This is the place to discuss the latest update for Lake's route! 


Hi! It's possible that your payment this month didn't get through and the boot removed the role from you. If that's not the case, please message me through Patreon and I'll try to fix it! 

Don't follow Mikko during the break in the lectures.

Hi! As the title says - this is the place to discuss without major spoilers, especially from the latest updates.

Hi! If you want to discuss the latest Torulf update, this is where you can do that!

Hi! If you want to discuss the latest Mikko update, this is where you can do that!

Yes, I'm not sure how it happened, but one of the files reverted to the state from mid-month update instead of the final one. I uploaded the fixed builds now, thank you!

I doubt, that's a few more clicks away. Other devs I consulted about this recommended the same.

Oh, no, there's still more days to go.

It will be, don't worry c: After the last remaining updates for Day 2 for the other characters, so hopefully soon-ish!

That one is mine, thank you ^^ The one poem that's not mine that I quote in the vn, is a haiku by Mizuta Masahide.

What do you mean? On which platform m you are playing? 

In any case, you have to manually download the new update and use that one instead of the old version. 

There is NSFW content for Mikko planned, but our plans change while we're writing, sometimes, so I don't want to guarantee it in case it won't fit in the story.

There's more coming! This was just the end of Day 2 :)

There aren't any NSFW scenes with Devon in the VN yet.

Almost all of the tracks in the vn are mine; I have the soundtrack uploaded here:

Thank you! Deleting the whole thread in a short while because of how bloated it became.

You'd have to ask Prince about that, she's on Twitter!

Go ahead, sure c:
And thank you!

I'll try to do that in the next release, thanks!

Don't worry, I didn't forget about him c:

Believe me, I'm dying for more Bjørn content too. Working on it right now!

Oh, sorry, forgot about it completely. Done now :) 

Correct, only a few bugfixes.

Yes, the next month I'm working on his update :)

We're not unconcerned about what's happening there, don't get us wrong! Most of the Dawn Chorus team is from Poland and Ukraine is our neighbour, so trying to act locally we decided to support our local organisation that helps the refugees in Poland.

The current plan is to release the finished game on in pay what you want model.

It is on Bandcamp, you can find it here:

It will be uploaded here a month after the final Patreon update. Mid-month is a not 100% complete update, and that's what we uploaded to Patreon for now, because we didn't get to finish one scene for Jorgen before going on a week long break.

There's an animation like that for Mikko in the newest update, released on Patreon only so far, we hope to have at least one per character!

Yes, writing new content for him this month :)

He does, but the doesn't have much content yet unfortunately!There's none in Day 2 yet, so jump to route isn't implemented for him.

Looks like RenPy has a problem with making an autosave for some reason. This is the last line of text before the update ends, though, so there's nothing more after it besides some goodbyes!

Where exactly does the exception happen? Could you upload a screenshot of it?

It was removed on purpose because of inconsistencies with the new illustration, and I plan on having it redone in the future! 

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It's safe to delete the old folder! The saves are located elsewhere. 

The updates aren't standalone, the most current downloadable files include all the past updates. You can download them from the main page and start playing!


It's a bit more complicated than that, because it's sort of a semi-secret route. I can give you a hint, it's accessible through Bjorn and Devon routes, but you need to know him somewhat beforehand to switch to his route.