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its davo

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I can't install the game? Im on Mac. Only able to download, then can't install. Just installs over and over, however, I can go into the local files in downloads, can open the game but it crashes. This is the error shown when I try to unzip it manually. Could not extract the file "HouseParty.app/Contents/Resources/Data/resources.assets.resS" from the archive "482269.zip": The archive is corrupted. (I'm using the unarchiver on Mac). The 482269.zip is the name of the zip file of the game.

If its any help, I believe you can download an apple .dmg file of the operating system. Here's a link https://support.apple.com/downloads/ 

Not sure how well it works on a PC, as I've only got a mac

(The lastest is 10.12.5 Seirra)

Good to know its planned! Thanks

I watched Mr Fruit's playthrough of this game, and I really liked the look of it, so I went ahead onto my itch desktop app and searched it. To my surprise, no Mac port. So I thought, oh well, I'll just download the PC version and run with wineskin, but to no avail. I also tried using an app called Porting Kit, usually being able to run games easily like Fallout: New Vegas and Kingdom: New Lands, but still, it didn't work. I really want to try this game and would really appreciate it if you added a Mac port, or at least gave instructions of a specific wrapper to use. Since this game is very new, I understand how this hasn't been implemented, but many other games from Ludum Dare Game: Jam do have mac ports. This would be great if you could!

This would be greatly appreciated!


P.S - I tried the 2 different .exe files, but didn't work. 

P.P.S - Yes, I did lots of research for this