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Davin Walston

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 Good game overall. I liked it, however maybe add some text lines with reactions to certain things throughout to make the character feel more present. Instead of only ever "talking" when you go to open the Apartments door (did not finish don't know if their are more text lines). An example would be a reaction to floor boards creaking or something. Great game!

 Loved the game! The visuals are nice and the story is a good one. I like the use of the super eight camera. 

  Please add a check point to the first enemy you face below the house. The graphics are so grainy that I ran into it and died by accident. I am not finishing the game since I don't wan't waste my time, however great job! The overall vibe is great. 

Cool game. However I would have like a bit more of a challenge. Perhaps more consequences for dying or something of the sort. 

Fun game!. I didn't finish it since I died once and every time after I tried to hit continue and it would just play the death music over and over. Overall spooky game is spooky. 

   Absolutely loved all the vibes I got from this demo. I grew up on MGS and RE so I really felt the inspiration here. The scene towards the end felt like any character from MGS talking through the codec, and the start menu plus camera angles reminded me of resident evil a lot. I do appreciate being able to turn with the mouse and being able to skip the door opening scenes.

  A lot of fun! Reminds me of resident evil outbreak file one and two. 

While I was not able to finish the game it was still fun. I got to the dog showing me the box then couldn't find the code.  Regardless the VHS style graphics was  nice to see. And the menu plus font for the game title was cool. Great job!

Great job! I love the graphics/art style. I like the interactions with the piano. And when the painting starts watching the character. Nice game!

The game runs really bad for me personally, however the game asset wise is great. It is oddly quite besides footsteps. But overall fun game great job! 

Awesome game. While a short demo I have no doubt the end product will be great!

Amazing! I really liked the art style and everything about the game felt smooth. The only bit I had that I don't like if I had to nag would be the fact that the end noise when you find the person in the tub in over bearingly loud.  Great job...amazing work!

  The English version is still clouded with another language. The mouse acceleration while inspecting an object is too much. While inspecting an object on the English version there are no English text. The puzzles are odd, but doable(personally took me a long time to even get the chest one). It took me upwards of 30 minutes just for the first puzzle because I was looking for clues everywhere, but then switched to the guessing method and got lucky. Overall great game, good job I really liked the graphics. The reflection were nice and it felt sharp just a bit laggy at times.

Nice, fun, simple looking game. Could just never find the puzzle out. Great job!

Awesome game! Good job graphics wise it was a pleasure to see.

Awesome game! Its a bit hard for me to run but its great fun. Because of the frames I couldn't get past the third enemy. However that's fine, great piece overall. 

Good fun all round! While a bit rough the story was intriguing and the pacing was not bad.

  I love the art style and the vibe however regardless of the fact that a low amount of dev worked on this I feel as though the jump scares could of been better. Regardless great game!

  Very good demo, I get huge nostalgia playing games like this since I loved the old resident evils. Great job!

  The idea and execution are pretty good I just don't like the fact that even if you are crouch walking super slow they can still hear you, and kill you. 

Funny game, just wish the car section controled better. Great job!