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I was not instantely aware that that the triangle cutouts were flashlights and I had a hard time picking them up with the left mouse button. Adding soft outlines to them using a shader might make them feel more like flashlights. 

I was not able to proceed further in the game after a few minutes because my player glitched out while trying to pick up the third flashlight.

I hope you guys will be able to fix these issues and I will pick up the game next week to see if I can finish the game.

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I was able to pass all the corrupted gates without removing the required amount of curruption by misusing the doublejump and fly mechanics. First gate I passed by squeezing myself through a hole on the right side of the gate, second gate I passed by misusing double jumping, third gate I rode the stone platforms until the end and flew onto the gate. I was just able to get past the gate by spamming double jump when I intersected with the corruption on the gate.

I had fun playing this game, but I started speedrunning it once I found out there were no boundaries/killvolumes set and after that I didn't feel like cleaning all the corruption in every region of the map.

I wish you guys luck and I will pick up this game next week again.

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I booted up your game with little expectations due to the lack of polish on your itch page, but I was remembered that I should not judge a book by it's cover. Seldom I have actually start to sweat from a horror game like this one... the monsters steps closing in, the shadow of the monster enlarging on the cavarn wall... every corner I slowed down and held on to my heart hoping that the monster was not lurking around the corner. Hats off to the developers for putting this together in eight weeks, as horror games are hard to pull off!

I would like to see the stun effect on the monster prolonged so I can escape within a reasonable time limit, right now after landing my shot and turning around, it was already breathing in my neck again and I was not able to escape in a fair way. In the beginning of the level I was also a bit confused on what to do, until I walked down the hill and then started to get the tutorial messages.

I would definitely recommend you guys to polish your itch page ASAP so you don't miss the attention you deserve. I can't wait to pick this game back up next week and give it another try. Goodluck guys, you created something amazing here and you should be proud of it!

Love the artwork and environment! The beam needs more work, it kept breaking up for me (maybe automatically rotate the player towards the entity?). Dash mechanic feels akward and out of place. Overall the game is very relaxing to play, it just need a bit more polish to it.

Impressive progress for an eight week project. The game has some minor bugs (stacking troops on top of eachother, troops getting stuck in the landscape) but overall the game is fun to play and has amazing artwork. Will pick it up again next week to see how it has progressed.