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Hm... I tried loading the Unity scene and the bucket wouldn't show up.

The sea and beach terrain looks nice, though.

Without a lot of control aside from the "Add Test Entity" call and editing the direct json text, it's a bit daunting to use in its current state. However, I can see the value in making something work right from the web browser and the proof of concept here is strong.

I think with a lot of effort on the 'user-friendly editor' side of things, there's a strong potential as a DIY online game maker here. I'd recommend looking at games like The Incredible Machine or Contraption Maker as inspiration for how to do a world editor.

A great idea and technical proof of concept, though!

I don't know much at all about Filipino food, but I really like the pixel art here. It would be nice to have the assets without the icon background available too, but currently I could see it work in that sort of cooking game aesthetic.

Really great music!

I like the background a lot. The centaurs might be a bit difficult to reuse, but it's great that a sprite sheet comes included here.

I would recommend a talking animation and a 'gallop' running animation.

Windows Defender and several other virus scanners detected a trojan in version 9.16 of this program.

This is tagged as a Ludum Dare 44, but I can't seem to find a link to the Ludum Dare entry itself.

Life in Space...

Trying to resist the urge to make point-and-click horror, but all I can think of is Seven Days a Skeptic for some reason.