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Hi, I'm on windows 10 64 bits and cannot start the program, The menu displays correctly but the start button does nothing (all other buttons work correctly)

Yes it is mono, and no, there are no hotkeys

My source model is in DAE format, it is almost 6 MB but if you save the scene as binary AND break inheritance all the information is saved inside the scenet, then you can delete your source models, of course if something changes you need to do all the process again or the animations can be saved individually as binary files (anim) and only reimport what is changed.

Here is a glimpse of my entry.

I just made a test exporting the project with a PCK (I'm using mono) and the PCK size is 15 MB (my assests/code is around 1MB), it creates a data_{project} folder with the mono runtime, but it looks like the assemblies and other stuff is added to the PCK file

Thanks, I have some ideas I may try now that the jam has ended.

You are right, it's caused by time. Now that the jam has ended I'll work a bit more in it this weekend.

Yes,it is just a concept, adding a score for time survived, remaining health and of course more interesting levels is a necessity. But work and fathers day were a priority this weekend. After the jam ends maybe I could work a bit more on this.