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A member registered Aug 12, 2020

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hope to see you guys next year maybe whit smaller project like a 2d  8 to 16 bit maybe  a demo here is my boss fight no damage 

here are all bosses from this demo  will have my run later whit small commentary   i did notice some small errors when clearing some bosses i can pick a card but there where not showing 

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correct in my demo run i explain its compatible whit a xbox controller base on my exp. am a gamer from atari age  so not much in to the keyboard mouse thing  lucky i did not had to map the keys to my controller whit a program    i only had use mouse for the rest and located skill points and level up my stats combat runs pretty well whit the controller 

very good boss fight no damage taken  the demo run still working on it maybe tomorrow whit small commentary 

thanks am a gamer from atari days am not well whit keyboard mouse for gaming you can sometimes map the keys whit program for pc it did not require it so yeah hope see a updated in the months to come  

no boss damage from first one i was using xbox controller it some what lacks movement plus hit box on the robots is some what does not hit well depending if your on the left side nerveless its well done demo   it reminded me of a 2020 call


here is my run hope next updated does get xbox control support had to make they keys but mouse for the light  i try  map it  but no luck

here is my run from 1 to 12 no continues had small freeze on stage 13 some what must be because i was rendering some gaming videos also added small commentary about the game here is my run

here my run at the last moment i forgot i was tossing  away  the gems also from my ship to make it elevate faster 

here is my run pretty good environment  thank good the villagers don't climb xD 


JoyToKey is the app i use i have never map the moves of the  mouse to move the camera on some games just keyboard keys  sometimes let me not trying out a game because it require move the camera whit mouse  so this exp. did help me out trail and error for future games now i can map the mouse 

i did map the keys to my xbox 1 controller because mouse and keyboard not my thing event though t been playing games since the Atari age xD 

here is my run no boss damage awesome boss music

here is my run after boss 2 the bosses now become normal enemy's but damn they do give more damage there was one part could not tell where i was taking damage from  

great pixel action game here is my run all bosses no damage the items for equipment reminded me of momodora specially the damage increase when low on health great for boss battles my  review video will be out today 

sweet bg  reminds me yoshi island some what here is my run no boss damage

hope see more bosses and skills 

here is my run i went all swimsuit mode xd i did enjoy the puzzle whit the key hand 

here is my run till the end no commentary i see what you did when you reach green eye part stage is where challenge starts its awesome! hope see more skills and another demo soon 

well manage to do  80400 point  also added one special sound effect when she changes 

here is my run no boss damage i took would like see side step maybe i did enjoy mix of messenger and katana zero style gameplay

good game hope you andd few more skills


the bg traps sometimes blend to well whit the bg it can be complicated for noobs where to go next since bg blends very well whit the area elements on where to jump or not the controls work very well here is my run no boss damage