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david chen

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wow, the attention to detail and polish in everything is insane. my only qualm is that the font you chose (though probably a conscious design choice) is a little hard to read because of the tiny sprite resolution. 

oh yeah, and do you have an estimate on what % of the game this demo was and how much of the game you've already made? if you can't reveal that, i totally get it, it's fine. anyway, props seth and good luck with your project!! i can really feel the love being poured into this. 

that fountain head tho

dis is god game 5/5

alien caseno changd my lyf

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met you at the recent igdam! this game is really polished. finally got to the flying raccoon stage when (spoilers) I got swooped by those purple birds. was a little disheartened that all it took was one swoop to finish me off. cute looking graphics but deceptively brutal! love your pixel art. there's a lot of small flourishes here and there like the minor screenshakes when landing and the jumping visual effect changing directions depending on your direction. really love the attention to small details you put into the game. great stuff, hope to see more of it!