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I love how this game is rather kind to the player. It doesn't give me a game over even if I press the wrong shape or if I press the right shape yet overlapped with another one.

This is a great time-killer. I appreciate the counter up top that says how many more targets I need to find, though there are times that I don't really know if I'm really looking for something, so I just flail my mouse around and hope to hear a sound.

I had forgotten how much I like games like this. This game is a great reminder of that, but I'm still too slow to win. I'll get it right, eventually.

This a fun time-killer. I find myself not really minding my score - I just focus on jumping and hoping that there would be a platform to catch my block, and I think that's actually a nice thing.

A great game to practice timing on.

Quite an exhilarating 20 seconds! I imagine this to be a fun game to be played around friends.

It took me a while to get the hang of it but I eventually got it. It's quite challenging for me to remember which one is going to land first depending on the sequence, so I guess an easier mode would be is one where a color indicator for the one/s landing first could be added. I did have fun, though - I like that the moon responds well and quickly to my keyboard presses, and there is no lag time like in older games so I can catch the landers even if they land within just a few moments from each other.

Had a fun session! It's something I would definitely play on a phone (bec I'm not that fast on a PC haha). Increasing the number of colors and shapes after a certain number of correct points would add more challenge to it, too.