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That's a serious bar brawl! I like how almost everything is a weapon.

I like the look of the clouds and terrain! I found an issue where the mouse sensitivity is only applied if you go to the menu and back within the game -- I had to do that each time I died.

Ahhh I fell all the way back down! This works really well so far -- I could see it potentially taking off on mobile in particular.

I like the setting and the concept! I got pretty lost on the way back to my car, and eventually gave up. It definitely conveyed the negative parts of the hunting experience!

This is an interesting test of the new HDRP volumetrics and area lights!

This is cool! I like the sound effects for the different instruments. The enemies sure can take a ton of damage before they stop!

This has a cool visual style! It's interesting to contrast the detailed enemy model with the low-poly environment.

This is pretty trippy, especially the changing music speed!

This is fun! My best score is 13.

This is a pretty entertaining mashup of Duke 3D and Ren'py dating sim games!

That's pretty fun! I spent a while trying to repair unbroken fuseboxes before I noticed the broken ones; the broken ones have a cool effect.

This made several people laugh who were watching my screen!

I like the corner-climbing wall-jump mechanic! It reminds me a little bit of the platforming puzzles in Overgrowth.

I couldn't figure out what to do really, but it was fun shooting things with the bow!

This is creative! It's fun looking through the pictures after playing.

This has a very distinctive feel to it! Reminds me of real "UFO" footage.

I like the core mechanic and the wireframe outline look! It reminds me a bit of Inception and Doctor Strange.

This is hilarious and epic! Of the entries I've tried so far, this one feels most like a shippable game. I kept on accidentally blocking my own path by getting furniture stuck in doorways, but eventually defeated the dust bunnies!

I love this graphics style, especially as a former Hypercard developer!

This is hardcore! Gives me mid-90s flashbacks in a good way.

I'll try to remember!
- There was one where the doors appear to play the opening and closing animations twice in a row
- There's a shadow seam that lets a line of light into the room: you could fix this by putting internal assets on a layer that is not affected by the sun light
- I think I got stuck in the inventory screen somehow, where I couldn't close it and couldn't move either, I can't remember repro steps unfortunately

This is very juicy! I like the idea of the safe and not-safe spawn points, and how you have to balance looking forwards and backwards.

This is a cool start, with high quality assets! I encountered a few bugs, but can see where it could go.

I like the diamond viewport, and the look of the compass and the goal! It would be nice to have some obstacles to avoid between the player and the goals. The changing soundscape tone over time reminded me of Flower.

This has a very distinctive and consistent look to it! It took me a while to realize that my health is the bar under the battery icon, and not the bar inside it.

This is cool! I had to look at a walkthrough to learn the portal drag/drop mechanic, but after that it has some neat puzzles and a cute side story.

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Sliding around is really fun! I like the intro screen too. It took me a while to figure out how to kill towers; shooting the little pipe bits until they open up. Could maybe use some hit sounds or indicator on the flying drones, like the Q3 ping sound -- projectiles vs flying targets is tricky.

This is great! Epic sound effect on the blocking.

That will be the first thing I work on when we revisit this at some point!

In the game you can press "Editor" in the top right of the menu bar, and from there you can open mazes in the file menu! Then you can choose "Enter game mode" from the menu bar, or press the "Play" button. That's a good point about "Open with..." I should look into how to make that work.