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there is a good start for this game and it is first. It is extremely hard . there should be something that always u to choose difficulty. The classes are small and not to much to them. I didnt quit understand how enemy units had so many ability and yours very few if any. u have only about 4 summons and 3 to 4 guys if your lucky to find and get. there is so many different type of enemy's with very good ability its sad. use some of those on the players guys..then when your beat down you will get groups of enemy's that has like 10 tough guys in them..some that can attack 4 times. can any of your guys do u might be thinking right now about spells. well the heavy hitters spells are so over board on damage on one guy and it cost sooooooo much mana that u will never see a guy with that much hit points. or to the other end u will get spells that does so little they are worthless, especially  in end game. there is so much u could do here with this game. but it has been out for years and udates just stopped anyways so i dont know why im saying it could be great when clearly it will go no farther. hey its free, what do u expect. thxs for the small but yet fun time.