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Now you have the pushback mechanic it would be nice to see some different types of objective; hold a position, don’t let enemies cross a line, survive X rounds, enemy team is much larger than yours but you only need to take out one of them. If you have seen Card Hunter they give both teams victory points which you get by killing enemies or doing objectives.

I think the game should auto finish once the last enemy is killed.  

I pushed an enemy into a hole/wall and I was hoping it would kill or damage them.

Icon to show if someone has a defensive ability active.  

I assume you plan to do many ground based spells like setting the ground on fire/making walls. But I think the blocking enemies from going through the player could be more thematic. Just by branding it as putting sludge down or webs might be more visual and less abstract. 

I think you intend for people to pick cards, however when you have cards like the Quick Shot and Power Shot where one is just flat better I’m not sure why someone would pick the weaker card. However you might plan for it to be a rarer drop or have some price to equip it. 

Sorry for the brain dump. 

I would like to see a small feed down the side that says all the actions that were taken. Maybe with the ability to hover over them to see what random number was rolled and what damage/healing that converted into.

Also a small bug where cards seem to carry between levels or when switching between prologue and week 1. 

Very clever story and innovative mechanics. Perfect for a game jam. 

Thanks for posting, it’s a shame you didn’t actually include my game in the video but still posted your video here.  

That will be cool to watch, feel free to post here when you have uploaded the video so we can watch it.