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Hi leafo, thanks for all the hard work! I found out that SharedArrayBuffer is not enabled on Safari when accessing game pages (EG: where I enabled experimental support from the dashboard). This may be due to Safari requiring “require-corp” instead of “credentialless” (

I guess right now it’s difficult to find a configuration that works for every platform.

Folle e divertente. Belli i riferimenti agli altri giochi Calalinta!

Ho trovato però un modo per finire il gioco facilmente: cliccando di continuo si riescono a schivare tutti gli ostacoli, annullando la sfida. Detto questo è stato piacevole vedere i livelli cambiare così di frequente, accompagnati anche da una bella musica!

Ho adorato il comparto sonoro! Dopo un paio di tiri si capisce come si deve giocare, bravi!

Yeah sorry I’m a programmer and I created the graphics as a placeholder :( New iterations of the game will feature better art direction and a more puzzling gameplay :)

Amazing, now the UI is super clean! Thanks for the quick update!

Amazing, looking forward to it! I think the fullscreen button can be enabled from settings for the HTML5 version!

Really cute game, congrats! It would be amazing to have a couple of QoL improvements: an undo button and a fullscreen button (just because Itch UI overlaps the game UI in some cases).

Thanks for the comment I appreciate it. I’ll try to expand this idea in the future!

Thanks for the comment! I’ll definetily expand on this idea, hopefully I’ll add more levels in the future!

The game has really a nice graphic and music!I like also the wario-ware like mechanic! One thing that I found strange is that sometimes the time-bar is not clearly visible.

Died at wave 7! The game is nice, good work mate!!

I got really disappointed in having a huge buster sword with only 1 atk damage :(

PS: can you enable the fullscreen button on the HTML5 version (via dashboard)?

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The game is really fun and juicy! Congrats to the whole team!

Molto bello, complimenti! L'idea di usare la stessa risorsa sia come "hp" che come "munizioni" è semplice ed elegante!

Same lol

Destroying things is really satisfying. I like also the low res style. 

Small feedback: initially I didn't understand it was possible to destroy certain walls.

Really nice and polished! These are my scores after 1.5 runs (I did the first 4 levels and then restarted again after a break) 

Feels good to destroy everything! I want more! 

Actually the controls may be good also for an action or hack n slash kind of game!