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Im on the east coast of the United States.

Just received my notepad and medal! Glad it made its way to my house safely.

thank you very much this is amazing!

Has anyone else received their package yet?

Thanks a lot! It isn't my main 3d project that I'm working on so it was more of an in-between for the jam. 

Thank you! I'm honestly too nervous to even see it myself ;-;

wait how do you know that the email is from the dev they claim to be?

Thanks! I'm really bummed I couldn't get anything more than the graphics done, I was pretty busy even on the last day and everything was rushed. Not a single of my puzzles or story made it into the final game.

Very fun! I made myself a little castle (all by myself as my follower was taken by the foxes :( ) but I found a weird glitch that if you sleep in a bed, pause the game, and get out of  bed while its paused, you can play the game at super speed!

Really good stuff! so simple and challenging. You just gotta get used to the beat!

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despite it's simple mechanics I like how the scenes look and the music is very calming for it, just a simply good time!

Lookin good, I would like to point out that design and animation is dangerously similar to another hentai platform action developer :3

Music can still be heard even when the options for sound have been set to 0. It's a very interesting game and I see the potential for a good sexy game for those who fantasize this kind of situation.

"How can I be cool?" How about getting a GED, wait that isn't the answer... "Do you know how to calm dogs" Oh I know! Put them in a CAGE! Wait that isn't right either... 10/10 will Hodor again.

Needs a reset button since the first one I easily got myself stuck XD but yes. These sliding puzzles are super enjoyable and I love the difficulty of thinking before I move like a chess game. The chill music really helped as well for setting the tone. Well done! Keep it up with the puzzles :)

Thanks for playing my short game, also thank you for diligently reviewing other jam games aswell! I didn’t have much time left to create this game but it was fun with the limitations!

42,150 points. All I can say is "Survival Bonus" :)

If it's edited enough that it doesn't look too similar then it's fine. I'm assuming recolors aren't unique enough to be allowed.

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Thank you for the comment! This was a concept demo from my first days with rpgmaker mv. I'm glad you enjoyed the humor but sadly I'm not going to work on it anymore.