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this was so cute 馃槶

made clicking captchas super fun

    Paluyum was the most great mermaid to ever exist. All of his friends agreed. But Paluyum was content being great in his angry court house. Suddendly, a small portal appeared in the wall. Paluyum was confused, but decided to walk through it.
    When Paluyum came out, Paluyum was in a jumbo-sized court house.
    Paluyum was suprised to see his friend Steve standing in a great prison jumpsuit.
    "Why are you wearing that?" Paluyum asked.
    "I have to wear it because I'm a prince". Steve said.
    "So, I'm going to build a moon. Care to join me?" Steve asked.
    "Okay." Paluyum said.
    The two got to work building a moon. Suprisingly, it only took 751 minutes.
     Upon completion, Steve stood atop the moon.
    "It looks terrible!" Steve shouted.
    Steve looked at Paluyum. "I think we should kiss!" Steve said.
    The two locked lips for 7,130 seconds. Everyone who saw it was angry.

this was sweet lmao. it reminds me of a dream scenario.

these are so cool ty for your work!

this was really fun!

this rly hit home when I also came out during a road trip to my parents. excellent game.

really enjoyable game that somehow made me like being a fast food employee even though the boss sucks. got the neutral ending.

this is great, i'm using these for a personal game of starforged.

Really cute one-shot.

This was a really fun game. It puzzled me for a solid minute and I thought I'd never get it, but then when I did it was really satisfying. Such a different, interesting sort of puzzle. I like it.