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Haven't played the game yet but the first thing I noticed was the music. Sounds a bit like that song that plays at the end Life Is Strange: Episode 4, don't you think?

This is such an adorable game!! I absolutely love it, and I think its great for younger kids to learn about music. This is an easy introduction to notes, rhythm, and maneuvering the letter keys on the keyboard. Good luck with the development, and I hope it turns out great!

Beautiful graphics, kind of lonely. Maybe add some animals? Like it a lot though!

Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for the information. I definitely look forward to updates!

It's a really cute game and I enjoy playing it! I do have a few questions, though: 

  • Do the children show up at random or do you have to do something for them to spawn? 
    • I have one child, but I don't know how he got there.
  • Do children ever grow up?
  • Can you eat fish?
    • It says I have 14/5 fish, but my people don't eat them or anything.
  • Are my people supposed to die shortly after I make them fish?
    • I make them sit at the fishing rod which is one space away from a camp fire, but if I leave them there too long, they lose hearts and die within 30 seconds. Is that a problem?
  • Is there any way to stop the shark from taking a piece of the raft?