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Hi i love this game its really cool! I did find it annoying that you can only jump if the middle of your player is in the ground, not the edges. i also found a game exploit where you can jump and hold the interact button at the same time while on top of a yellow block. When you do this you can jump infinitely. Otherwise great game!

OR you could have said "Good concept but there's still room to improve" haha

Y E S.

I wish i had made my game WebGL. More people play it if it is, they don't like to download too many things.

Hey there! Thanks for playing! The jump sound playing again repeatedly was because of all the jumper enemies in the scene. Every time they jumped, you could hear the sound playing. (You just wouldn't know that it was them making the sound) But you're right i should make it so that you can only hear them when you can see them. Thanks for the honest feedback!

This is amazing! Fast-Paced and Action-Packed!

woah dude great game it was so fun i finished it in like 2 min

hey great game but like how does it fit the theme?