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A member registered Nov 08, 2019

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Absolutely awesome game :), took me a couple tries as I deleted the wrong files lol

Awesome game, maybe add more of an effect for getting damage, I found myself not even realising I got hit till I died

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Lol, Spaceplan gotta be in my top 10 fav game experiences, the ost is amazing, wish I was high on shrooms when I first played it. Also missed opertunity to call your game Spacetram

I like the play on Spaceplan

Really cool game, heavily reminds me of Universal Paperclips

Very cool

Will that allow me to get the blueprint?

Hi, i'm trying to get the square so I can get the blueprint off this planet but I cannot land on the platform it spawned on and it is too high up for me to jump up off the ground, please help :((((((((( 

Is there is and if so when do you plan a new update

Also this is a really good game and I love it :D



I can press the button till the flower grows but then the butto dissapeasrs is this the whole has (not to sound like a bi*Ch)

Does it work for Android

OK thx tho I joined and couldn't understand a thing lol

Aldo how do I know if it updates

Oh also I recommend soul knight for some inspiration thx keep up the good work :)

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Great game but can u add skins and character unlocking


Absolutely WONDERFUL