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Dat Ria

A member registered Oct 31, 2020

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HIII!! I have watched some of your videos before and then I see you came out with a game in as well! I think it was rlly nice even tho u said it was unfinished haha X3. Anyways here's my experience of it! Gameplay starts at 1:15 :3!

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SOOO this is my 3rd time playing this game! (this still scares the beezeeses outta me! o_o) and I FINALLY got an ending XD! I really enjoyed playing thru it, and I'm so amazed by Saiko's behaviour pattern :O! 

Here's my experience of it :D! Gameplay starts at 1:45 :3

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AYYYOOO!! just wanted to say this game is very nice xD! it gave me so many jumpscares o_o!!! although I only got 1 ending still terrified me a great deal xD! so good job and can't wait for your next project :D! Here's my experience of it :3! gameplay starts at 1:17 :)


I really liked this! the voice acting was nice and it did scare me haahahha xD

sadly I ended up with my daddy dreams all shattered so now my heart is broken XD!but it was really nice :3! good job :D!

Here's my experience of it! :3 gameplay starts at 1:41 :D


Happy to hear that qq! and thank you very much, I tried very hard to make the face cam look clean and nice as possible :D!

and you are welcome! can't wait for more of ur games! :3

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I want to say I freaking loved this game qq! 

also it's been soooo long since i've played such a nice point and click game as well! it was rlly scary and so well made!so good job to you :D!

here's my experience with it!

gameplay itself starts at 2:18 :3

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OMGMGGGG I swear I really REALLY liked this game qq!

I hope ya make a longer version of this game, or more in this style cause that srsly creeped me out! so veru much great work! :DD

Here's my experience playing it! :3 the gameplay starts at 1:00! :D

I tried to get further in this game, but I swear the game keeps getting scarier the more you play it o_o

Idk how i'm  supposed to play harder modes, but goodness this is such a good game xD!

Here's my experience of playing it for a second time :3!

Ay thanks I'm happy to hear that! :D thanks for making this smoll enjoyable game :3

I really liked this short horror game and well the ending was so unexpected but so fitting xD

Amazing job on it, and keep it up! :D

here's my experience of playing it! :3

Okay so I really love love loved this!

I legit can't wait until the full game is out xD

here's my experience of playing this :D! 

the gameplay starts at 0:54 :3

Ay I really liked this and hope ya continue this :3!

here's my experience of it :D 

gameplay starts at 1:30 :3

I really liked this game! it actually made me really scared despite  how simple it was :3

never knew blizzards could be that scary.. and certain randys xD

anyways here's my experience of playing it :D!

keep up the work with the games ^-^!

I really liked this game! :3

can't wait for the full version of it, the dialogue was really entertaining and the scares got me so bad XD

here's my experience of it :D! 

soo I tried this game and i enjoyed it a lot xD!

poor lil kid that didnt get candy tho but oh well XD

I played midnight snack as well and I did enjoy both games :3

This was my first time playing and it's so hard but I'm gonna definitely try to see if i can get further at it!

Really fun and scary to play tho 😌

it was short, but nice! :3

I did get jumped by those jumpscares XD

anyways here's my experience of it! 

good job and keep the work up! :D


like holy crepe good job!

also some of my files were missing in the start of the playthrough (my pc somehow fricked up something idk), but like I redownloaded it and it seemed to work alright :)!

anyways here's my experience of it! 

game starts at 1:41 and then 13:00 for when I redownloaded the game and it was fixed! :D

I likey tihi

Is was guud, but sad cause kitteh and mama

Anyways here's my experience of it :3


Gameplay starts at around 1:00 mark :3

Keep up the good work!

YAY!!! :DDD happy to hear that!

this game gave me a pretty good scare many times hahaha XD!

I really liked it :3

Keep up the amazing work ^-^!

here's my experience of it :D! 

0:57 is the start of gameplay :3

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I had a lot of fun playing this game! :3

The price is just fine as well, and it's a very nicemade game :3

and I just found out it was dedicated to H2Odelirious as well which just makes it so cute and funny QwQ

anyways here is my experience of it, even though I kinda made up my own story ahahahha xD

also game play starts at 0:46 :3!

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this was such a freaking scary game xD

good job! :)

ay so I know this game has been out for some time now,

but I played it thru cause it was recommened by a friend!

I really loved it hahah ^-^

welp that was scary xD