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Dat Chair

A member registered Apr 03, 2022

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ma boi Ace looks absolutely fabulous in that outfit (^///^) 

Omg, did not expect we'd get to date the host. Can't wait for the route that fluffy boi 🥺

Simple Moments community · Created a new topic Cute Game!

This is honestly such cute short game. Had loads of fun playing it. I need a Hui in my life இ௰இ

its working now! Thank you

I open the zip file, double click on the game file but every time it tells me that windows can not find pythonw.exe.

I desperately need help T^T

This was such a cute game!! I wish we could spend more time with the love interests, but it was great nonetheless.

Somebody help TwT

I'm trying to get Lu's ending but I keep getting the one where he gets executed. As far as I know, there is another ending. Anyone know how to get that??

The demo was great! Can't wait to play the full game

This was really fun to play! All the love interests were interesting and cute. Loved Bengan the most, his part was so interesting, made me feel like I was truly interacting with his sometimes. And the art style was marvelous. A tad bit disappointed that its just a demo. If you guys turn it to a full fledged game, then that'd be great~ but no pressure!