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Thank you! And well spotted. I didn't have time to model Miky and her animations so ended up using another model I had lying around  :|

Thanks! Interacting with food and hunger objects refills those bars but take some time, so you could technically run out of time before getting all the crystals.  But yeah the bars do run out fairly quickly and its a little hard to keep track of them constantly, which is making the timer a little unnecessary now. I'm thinking of extending the game but redoing the gameplay and making it slower, personally I like the feel and the cuteness of it quite a lot, but the gameplay itself doesn't seem to fit well here.

This is a really cool idea. I agree with the other commenter about the difficulty setting after many tries I still haven't saved a single toy :( But if that is improved a little this can become really fun!

Thank you! Yes I did use MagicaVoxel. :)

Nice aesthetic and a cool little game.

Clicking on the timeline icon works. But it took me a few tries to open the timeline. Maybe the hitbox for the icon is really small? Try clicking at the bottom of the icon.

This was an incredible idea and great fun to play! You could play around with consequences to lying, rewards for telling the truth (or vice versa). So many possiblities. Looks very neat as well!

I love how you connected all your games! This one is especially nice!

I know! I keep pushing music to the very end and always run out of time :|


A very nice take on the theme! The riddles were too hard for me though (but I suck at riddles generally) . I did get a little annoyed by having to go back to the start after getting 3 wrong, since I'd already figured out the earlier riddles. Also a minor nitpick but it'd be nice if there was a way to load the text all at once instead of waiting it to appear one character at a time (like with an extra mouse click). All in all nice work! :)

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Thank you! Wanted to make the puzzle a little more challenging but ran out of time. 

Thanks for playing the game and the feedback! I'm working on something for this weeks gamejam, but I think I'll take a break next week and fix up this game a little.

This is great, though got a bit too tough for me when the colour mixing became important :(. Fantastic game nonetheless 

Thank you! Yes I do plan on adding a bit more context and connecting it better with the real world soon. And as you pointed out SFX and music is a must, couldn't find the time before the weekly jam deadline, but it'll be there in the next update! 

Nice game! I enjoyed the puzzles, especially the last one. Great work!