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i hate when this happens smh

your artstyle's so pretty

this is really nice! i really like the music, even if im not quite sure what's going on lol

i think im gonna go eat a sandwich 
(cool zine!!)

very neat

this is so cute :D

very cool!

aw thanks :>
and no problem, just trying to be helpful lol

fun game! touching story aswell

its the arrow keys and the enter button

So glad it's updated again!! Thank you for this wonderful cottage, it's helped me so much :)

I love what you're doing, keep up the great work!

ah I see. I wasn't aware i needed to click one of the arrows. I probably just missed it! Thank you!

I probably am just not looking hard enough but I can't get it to work. I hit "Run Rainfall," then it just shows "A Welcome Shower" without changing, no matter where I click. 

This was so cool!! I love it!

This might be because windows(or your security software) thought it was "dangerous" when in reality it's not. (It shows up as a virus because it isn't officially registered with windows or something like that)

not sure if this makes much of a diff, but if you change the MinWanderingTime= and the MaxWanderingTime= to high numbers, it might do something diff than the FirstWanderTime

Hope this helps/makes sense

The goose brings out note-pads and pictures randomly, so what I believe this person was trying to say is if you add more pics to the file, it will decrease the chances of the same one being pulled out over and over again.

C: You're doing an amazing job. Thank you for making it!

It's not too big of a deal. I think windows actually wants an address and everything so dont worry too much about it. (im not that smart tho, please dont get mad at me)

ye thats what i thought. i know of other safe programs that are like this.

looked really cool, but couldnt exit. Then my computer started freaking out and stuff. im gonna have to uninstall bc it was sketchy af, and i thought my computer was under attack by a virus.

it says that windows protected my pc, but im assuming its fine?


this would've been so helpful lol

i developed a focus problem during quaratine.

but hey, i get to use it now!!!

(note i havent used it yet, but im rlly excited for it to finish downloading C:)

Unfortunately there is no mod support for mac, so no. Which sucks

You can change this by setting the min and max wander times in the config to a high number. (This is how many seconds the goose waits before grabbing a meme/going off-screen)

Unfortunately multi-monitor support isn't in the near future, but you can change the screen the goose is on by setting the preferred monitor to your default in settings.

Hello there! This is actually a mod that you can download from the resourcehub ( called "Shaggy's NameTag Mod"

Multiple have had this problem, and I believe it's something to do with mods usually (I may be wrong)
All I can suggest is look for support in the Discord since I'm no exper. Sorry