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Very awesome. There was bug in the beginning sometimes where when you respawn, you respawn off that map and can't get back onto it. But that was the only thing and I totally wanted to play until end! A first for me so far.

Intro was a little long for my short attention span but I did make it through ;) Props to you for the artistic feel you gave your game.

I am really impressed you have multiplayer support.

I really liked the recorded shadow clone mechanic for solving the puzzles. Neat idea!

I rather liked the idea of letting the jet go of screen for up to 10 seconds instead of just restricting the jet to the screen.

Neat idea!

My suggestion as a next step is to improve the controls. Make it so you can hold down a direction and continue to move. Even if it does the pause thing like frogger.

Love does have the capability to export your game into various distributable formats. From an accessibility standpoint that would have been appreciated. Just the same it was a way to get love2d game engine on my pc so I could try your game :)

You can hold the spacebar down, the attack is on a small delay though (currently 1s)  so it won't rapid fire.

Language: JavaScript

IDE: and vim

Engine: and Electron

Images: InkScape, Gimp and TexturePacker

Sound: bfxr