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That is indeed a problem I did not consider. The intended solution for avoiding Koishi's bullets was to get on the elevated part behind which she spawns fast enough, so that you can safely wait for them to pass by while Satori doesn't hit you due to being blocked one tile to the right on the upper part. 

A big advantage of a team seems to be simply having a playtester who doesn't know what the programmer intended to happen.

Cirno is an example for an enemy where you can use the fact that he runs to you, as he doesn't shoot any bullets directly at you. If you walk on top of the one way platforms in the beginning and wait for Cirno to get under you and jump, you can drop down on him without getting hit.

Thank you for a useful bug description, I'll have a look at that later.

The bullets stop once out of view as a result of the enemies being hacked together as an afterthought for the jam. They are not integrated with the map editor, they are just spawned at hardcoded locations and do their thing, instead of having dummy enemies replaced with the real thing when you enter a room. The easiest way to approximate that was to skip everything that is not in the view. As all the piled up bullets are flying away from you when you transition to another room it shouldn't lead to any unfair situations.

The name wasn't something I considered at all before uploading it on and at first I just called it "Only Once", however it wasn't going to be the only game named that, so I picked the first thing that came to my mind. As there is only one stage where I didn't avoid getting hit and every character is done in one touch it seemed appropriate.

With the enemies there wasn't a lot I felt I could do in a short amount of time. Had they just stood around it would be boring, had I made them avoid you it would be needlessly frustrating. By charging at you some stages turn more into puzzles instead of a simple platformer.

The movement would seem to be a preference thing. Personally, I strongly dislike velocity based movement as the character doesn't stop the moment I let go of the key. If there is nothing in the way the character in my game moves at a constant rate as long as you hold down the key. 

Jumping and falling (including knockback) is the only thing using velocity and the character once again stops accelerating upwards the moment you let go of the key. I'm not sure if this is what you considered the bug or if it's something else, however the only problem I encountered was with the first jump after acquiring the double jump, which didn't feel high priority considering limited time.

As you wanted a way to contact him I felt like it would be worthwhile to inform you that the snowman sprite was ripped from Drawn to Life and none of the other sprites were made by him either. After trying to sell a DnD sprite twice his account was finally removed instead of just the individual asset.

If there is no option for it on like there is for CC0 here then you should just mention that they are licensed CC-BY and if you are so inclined you can link to the human readable summary. However, basically everyone who is going to respect your wishes is going to know what creative common licenses entail.

You seem to have licensed this asset CC-BY on OGA, so you probably should allude to that on here as well.