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Collecting al 3 dice and bringing them to the dicemerchant counts as bearing the game

press left click to throw the first die in the direction you are looking . Press space while in air to build a plattform under yourself to jump again

Cool music and cool concept with really different levels. Its kinda conufsing(I didnt realize until the third level that the red an white dice had to touch and I have not understood yet when the red dice move)

I dont know how to get like a bot in to play against. Still seems like a very well implemented idea it feels really satisfying. I think its a bit to random to a point where its punishing 

great concept its kinda hard to realize when you have the right number 

jumping on the other battery was not possible because it would have been impossible to design any puzzles with that mecanic

great idea the exit doors of the levels looked kind of weird also the story was really cool

i dont understand how i control getting a better score it feels kind of random

if you break line of sight your power level on both batteries will drop quickly. Thats why you have to maintain line of sight.

amazing idea great levels you have to think a bit about what to do but its not to hard. Feel like polishing visuals would have improved the overall game more than having more levels. Good job

The art looks really good and the later levels offer some interesting puzzles but the controls were hard to handle because you are generally used to moving with a d and space. The changing eye color is a cool idea but you cant skip using it in most levels. Well done

great game nice mecanic great sound design and hard levels but often you just instantly die in a level because you run instantly in a spike also its not only black and white 

xd in your game it took me one minute to figure out that jumping is on the arrow keys or W

great music but its quite enoying that JUMPING is not on space that would make every jump 10 times easier also love the moving plattform element but the platform who periodicly disapeared felt really random and where quite hard to predict

the art looks cool but its not black and white also you cant really see the enemys and the beginning is really hard so you cant really learn the game because you die at the start every time