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Thank you so much! Please give me the link to the translation if you have one, so I can spread the word.

It is untranslateable. The game explains what Glicker is!


Yes, of course. Go ahead!

Thanks for playing! I am actually shelving the Lunar Chain project, as I am still learning how to use certain software and am new to development in general, so I want to build my skillset first. But I will be making other small games in the near future, so please keep an eye out.

Hi. Both instances you mentioned have no "escape." They are the true ending and the bad ending as far as the demo goes. If you sleep in, you're punished to an inescapable Game Over scene, where you and Scout walk forever. If you get into the paper cutout room, that's the end of the demo and you did everything right. Keep in mind that walking around in the white room may trigger some interesting dialogue!

I'm sorry if those parts were more annoying/confusing than as funny as I thought it was when I made them. But hopefully that cleared up the confusion!