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Dang, right after I bought the Holy asset on its own!

Great job as usual, though :)

Papers Please is one of the inspirations for this game! We wanted to make a more frenetic and light-hearted version of it, with a Singaporean context

Could let them play this at the gantry rather than Mobile Legends :P 

Thank you! Hope you had fun :)

Thank you! We appreciate your kind words.

Thanks! We were quite tied for time considering the limited scope for the game jam, but we'll consider adding more features if we have the time after judging's over!


Wow, your spell effect animations are superb! I'll definitely be using them for my game!

Hope you come up with more of these gems soon!

Don't worry about it, I'm able to download it now, as you have reduced the minimum price to download to $28 USD.

Great work by the way. Do hope that you'll continue to work on this pack, and maybe expand on it! :)

Your "Buy Now" button states $28 USD, but you only allow the asset pack to be downloaded if we pay $29 USD or more. Please standardize it.

I paid $28 USD and cannot download anything due to this. I will be opening a support ticket under