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Hope the project is going well for you

Late reply but to anyone reading this buy from itch if possible, even if it's slower the developer gets more money since itch takes less of a cut than steam.

This game is kick ass, love the visuals and the punk rock music, and it kinda just feels like a more responsive muse dash, which is great. 

Are there any details about this full game this is a side story for though? Because I'll be kinda sad if it doesn't include Beat, only known this character for a couple hours but I love her lol 

That was rad as hell, the music is awesome, visuals are delightfully creepy and the character feels fantastic to control. Following for future updates, hope the rest of the project goes well 

I dig what you've got here so far, I especially like the mechanic where you have to look at the monster to make it leave, kinda reminds me of fatal frame.

Great game, the puzzles were really interesting and I love the atmosphere you put together, looks like it must have been a lot of fun to put together all the sets that each picture used.

I found Anna's Doll so I'm pretty sure I completed everything but I'm still not 100% sure, I mean there is mention of a night vision mode on the camera plus a seemingly empty room with a dark spot in the background, so maybe I'm still missing something...

Hope this game gets finished eventually, still has a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out and I'm not completely sure if the story is finished or not. But as someone with really bad anxiety that loves horror games and music I'm a big fan of this concept, and I had a good time with what's here.

Can add this to my growing collection of 'Retro style games where you play as a badass exorcist' with the Faith collection. Great game