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Forget it. I completed it

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Amazing. just played your other game mind cards for hours and now this?!!?

You really want me to spend a lot of time stuck on the pc damn these games are good.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see more from you.

Btw. Love the game. Already spent hours in it. Do you have any intentions of updating it or making a second one?

im addicted... i crave for more

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question!Are all of the quest possible to do? 

I'm stuck at the "win a game with a score of 70 or more"

I GOT 69

"I've won, but at what cost"

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I completely love this game! It's so much fun and I just get very mad at myself for my stupid mystakes XD. I did download it.

I didn't know that the 2nd level unerground was so dark I couldn't see anything so I just tried to make a campfire but, still, I only had on HP on the save, but.. I wish to restart... 

??How can you restart your save??

??What is the difference between the normal one and the JamEdition??

Thanks and Love the game alot. Hope that It get many updates.