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great, thanks for the reply, by the way are there plans for scenes where emma goes on an adventure with cross and if she "loses" to the monsters she gets gangbanged in front of him?

hello a quick question, at some point emma due to corruption and lust will be able to have consensual sex with monsters?, I don't mean a friendly orc npc man but random monsters like goblin orc slimes


hello a quick question, does the game have or will it ever have scenes with monsters? you know goblin orcs and etc .

friend please tell me that they also plan to include the universe of High School DxD? and by the way very good art

Personally, I would like to try a demo if it is not annoying, to be able to meet the characters and know more or less what the story is about and that

So good then I'll be waiting for the next game and hopefully you've been able to add a few gangbang scenes since they are my favorites and endings not so cliches if not more varied as a happy ending that despite the fact that she fucked half the city the strongest love and they can start from again and live happily together or where he abandons her and goes with another girl or they agree that she can have sex with the men she wants but will not let them impregnate her, not so cliches endings, by the way do not pay attention to all the hate what do they throw at you? ,No matter what you do or don't do, they will always criticize you the same as if it is at least for something you like, so I wish you luck, friend

hello friend, already play the game is good but it is a shame the duration of the game and the few scenes, vicky is super sexy perfect for the game, the mc I do not like it seems an empty and simple npc and it does not have a personality what comes back impossible to feel any pity for him, the wolf girl is super sexy and I love it but it seems like an unnecessary character really, if it hadn't been maybe you could have focused more on vicky or another male character, an example could be the brother of the black neighbor who would live with him and so they would both fuck vicky, although That is just my opinion personal, and the ending is a bit strong, but the game is good in general, and a question if it is not annoying, are you working on another game?,And if so is there something you can tell me if it's not a bother?

Hello, the android version has a bug, when you conquer everything and only pale rock remains, the option to invade disappears

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is this robin or is it just nami?

Hello, does the game have or will it have ntr in the future?

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Hello, first of all I want to say that I love the game and I hope much more (; and second I have 2 questions, the first one will be possible in the future to go from being a dragon to a morph dragon, it would be good to be able to equip weapons and armor and secondly, it will be possible to get pregnant to the cat sisters in the future?

seriously? What a shame): but thanks for answering luck in your work I look forward to the day when the game is finished (:

hi sorry but do you plan to add incest content in the future