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I can guess you have a very high resolution? :)

Hi dear!
Yes, there is a special requirement - 

Updated gameplay video:

Hi, dear Mephisto_VI! After reworking an interface and after updating lots of arts there is no public build anymore - you can find the newest game build at our Patreon page (it costs $1 for now).

Thank you for your comment.

Oh, than yes - you are right - it is not mainstream api. Hope you like the game anyway ^^

API? Oh, I can ask our programmer... Seems like it is Delphi combined with something else... Is it necessary?

Oh, well, it was my mistake - I forgot to mark it as available for Win :(

Hi! I am Alice from Darot Games - indie developers team.

Tell us please, is it possible to order you some characters sprites and how much will it cost? Where can we discuss more? 

Thank you.