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Painted Hyaenas

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Yeen \o/

Had a much easier flow this time, and lil ol grey no longer had such a massive early advantage

Scramble is making for quite the doozy to beat with such a small amount of land I can claim around my start point compared to the AI

Yeah just did!

I kept running into little quirks and scuffed spots that would keep popping up on me mixed in with general procrastination, but finally got it done!

*Hyena Noises*

OH!, yeah that's right. 

The loaded doesn't have a mane either cause I got all those head accessories in it's place

Ah, so if not on quest, did you perhaps upload the premade quest prefab to PC by mistake if the mane is missing?

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If your on Quest, I recall I left the prepackaged version without a mane since those limited handful of shaders you can pick from don't support transparency.

If ya don't mind it lookin a little crusty, you can save over the FBX with a version that does have a mane for Quest.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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I don't think I had any issues with OBS Studio myself, but I do share that same issue with that streamlabs version.

And while window capture does work, it however doesn't seem to be a way to have it transparent like you can with the game capture option. 

However there are the filter options, like chroma key, that I can add to the window capture. Just need to make sure your image has a decently cleaned cut edge to reduce bleed through

Ah, fair enough then!

This looks so absurdly fun, shame bout being only oculus