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wow, this vn has left me close to speechless. i can't even begin to describe how it's made me feel so far, it's just beautiful.
the music, the pacing, the story, characters and the art. the art!!! it's all done so beautifully, and it all feels perfect together.
i can't wait for the full vn to be released. thank you so much for creating such a wonderful work of art!

womp womp

beautiful experience. absolutely loved everything about it <3

oh my godddd!!! what a wonderful game! i always get SO excited to see more desktop simulator games being made, especially when they're horror!

i had a ton of fun playing this one, the puzzles were fun and engaging but not too challenging that i would get frustrated over trying to solve them. loved that! <3 a good challenge is fun too, but the difficulty felt perfect for this game.

one thing that really hit me was just how incredibly sad liz's character felt to me. just really dreadful in a way that reminded me a little of alice from the found footage film, lake mungo.
not that they were especially similar in personality or anything but because they both had this sort of inescapable, impending doom feeling to them both. the loneliness to their characters hits really hard, and it's eerie as hell.

anyways! haunted pc's are the best <3 thank you to everyone who had a part in getting this game out there! i can't wait to see what comes next from you guys!!

wow. this was a really sad read, i enjoyed it a lot and i'm so glad to have come across it!
thank you devs!! i hope to see more like this from yall <3

you mean you and that one other guy?  looooooooool

i really really loved the art and design, loved the overall feel of this visual novel! i wish it was longer and a bit more fleshed out, but as a short vn it was real nice! i'd love to see a bigger project with these characters :,)

of course!! i love your art style, and the tone in your comics just hits really well. i'm glad i picked it up. :-)
 and that's true, it sucks that we have to go to such lengths when our supposed medical/support/etc systems work against us like this. i'm glad that we can come out of it even stronger, though <3
good luck with everything, and i hope that things continue to get even better!

just read this after your 2019 comic but woag!!all of that is so great, congrats! <3 i had roughly the same experiences on hormones, surgery, etc and it's nice to see that in your comic! :-) it had me reflecting on my early days on HRT, diy HRT and then eventually surgery. ty for submitting your comics to the queer bundle <3

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i love your art style! <3 so glad you're in a better place in life rn :')

holy shit what a game <3 everything was amazing, the visuals are just stunning. looooved the ost <3

omg yes!! secret little haven is another very wonderful game, i totally get what you mean about the characters being so relatable, and the aesthetic really was amazing <3 secret little haven was what really got me into these 90s-2000s internet/desktop games actually, and what eventually led me here, three years later.

that makes me super happy to hear :') 
i can tell how much love, care and personal experience was poured into this game and it makes it so so special!

i felt like these characters just felt so real and special because like you said, they're you and your friends, and it's so easy to find yourself and your friends in them. 
they made me remember things i hadn't thought about in probably a decade... i remembered old rps, old friends who i'll never talk to again because all i knew was a windows live messenger display name they had 14 years ago, the things we talked about...
it was like reliving all of that through this game

also i'll def be joining that discord server!! thank you so much for the invite!

i wish there was more to this! it was so wonderful, i think it would've made an incredible full game. amazing for a game jam though!!

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thank you for the reply! <3 i'm happy to have left a comment, esp if it could make your days! thank you again for the wonderful game, i really can't wait for whatever you both make next!!

P.S. do you two have any recommendations for anything that you two like, that might give me a similar feeling to this one? this game got me really sentimental and now i'm trying to look for more to play but i can't find anything </3 i totally understand if you dont though!! this is such a special game, i feel like it'd be hard to capture a similar feeling and atmosphere as you both have going here.

this was really beautiful <3 as a trans person growing up in the 2000s internet, i totally get what you mean by ghosts of former selves on the internet.
thank u for making this cool piece of art :-) it was nice to have a couple minutes to reflect while i played this

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edit: by the way!! this game is worth SO much more than it is, $20 is not even CLOSE to what this game is worth. dont let the price keep you away. it's an incredible game. buy it so you can support these devs, so they can keep making amazing games like these <3 ill def be buying some copies for friends bday gifts this year!!!

well... i just dedicated 12? 13? idk, the hours started to blend in together, but i just dedicated over 12 hours straight to this game, i got sucked in the moment i laid eyes on it, and the second i got through the first month i knew that i was in for a ride.

and BOY did it take me for a ride

(spoilers ahead!)

this game hit me in all the right spots, painfully so.
i related to cherry, so much that it hurt. growing up in a heavily religious, heavily homophobic, abusive family. i had those same experiences she had, growing up in the 2000s, in the days of IM and roleplay communities on livejournal like these.  because that was where i also came to realize who i was as a gay person, and the pain that came along with it when you had a family like mine. i felt her pain so heavily and i loved her character for it, i just wanted to jump through the screen and reassure her like i wished someone could have done for me, back when things were dire.
i know that nobody could have saved me, just like how T couldnt have saved cherry, either. but i still wanted it to happen regardless, because i wanted at least some temporary comfort, even if it didn't really change things. i wish that cherry could have gotten some comfort, however small, and i wished that could have kept her going. i hope she survived, though.

ive had those same, heartbreaking and sad IMs with friends and s/os and i had those same fun, goofy and world changing IMs with them too. all i could think about during this game was old memories, how i missed it and also just how much someone can grow from it.

 you can really fall into this game, and it takes you back to a place where at the time, you felt like was your own little world. until it wasnt just yours. i think this game is a little magical in how accurately it portrays this, and how it can so easily take you back.

i could go on for a million more years about this game, i really could!! but it's 3:30am and i just spent over 12 hours straight on this game, and crying for the past two? hours and now ive got a terranova sized hole in my heart and a migraine, soooooooo

10/10, i really really really love this game. it's beautiful, and the writing is amazing. i cant say enough how much i cherish this game, after having spent this time with it, crying, laughing and getting angry or frustrated over whatever happened. it felt so real in a really amazing way, and when writing can make you scream at your screen and cry, because you get so attached to the characters and their stories, well. that has to mean a lot, right? it means a lot to me. ive never gotten so attached to any characters in an indie game before, and ive gotten attached to plenty, easily! 

sorry this review is incoherent and long im sleepy but wow what a game! i cant wait to see what you do next, devs!! youve gained a life long fan!

(also! i was so incredibly sad to find out there werent multiple endings (afaik) because i SO badly wished there were more outcomes. but i know thats just because i really really really really loved T and cherry. it hurt so bad, and i just wanted them to be happy together but thats just another thing true to life about this game </3 )

anyway... thank you for making this gem <3<3<3 

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(this will contain light spoilers, just me describing certain subjects/themes in the game and such, no detailed/specific spoilers. so please dont read on if youd still like to go in blind, which was a really great way to experience this gem!) 

anyway! such an amazing game, 5/5! :-) i was really impressed with the subjects/themes, format(?), the visuals and sound, just. everything, wow. i had a lot of fun (and also got super sad) exploring this computer and figuring out all the passwords from clues littered all over it. the more passwords i figured out the more sad i got, it was heartbreaking. i felt more for one of the characters than ive felt for most characters in anything ive read/watched/played in a while.

and before i continue i just wanna say that i love this kind of format so much. online simulations/games where you browse what looks like early 2000s internet or w/e this genre might be called (i havent found a proper term for it yet) they're just really neat to me and i love the nostalgic feeling i get from it, its like a time capsule that takes you right back to the early 2000s internet, which feels so far away from now in the modern internet. 

but this brought me back in a different way (and don't get me wrong, i dont necessarily mean this in a bad way!): online predators and abuse. it hit really hard, but it was so well portrayed and was handled even better. while leaving me feeling a little empty and more sad than anything, i was glad that it was there. i think talking about abuse is really important and its always a relief when it's done right like this, where it isnt overly explicit/graphic for shock value. 

idk, i just really really liked this game. ive just spent about 30 minutes thinking about and writing this immediately after finishing the game (twice because i beat it without figuring out the third password so i went back to finish it right lol) so this review is (definitely) super messy and im not great with reviewing in general but as i was finishing this game i just knew i had to leave a review.

thank you for making this game!! <3 

i cant wait to see what rosalie vile makes next!
also, i  got this game in the bundle for racial justice and equality but im def gonna buy a couple friends some copies of the game when i can! 

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No, I’m…Ahhh…AHHHH…!!!! *Clutches my throbbing head and topples to my knees, writhing in pain* Why can’t I remember……my past…..?!??!! AAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

were you stupid enough to get confused? lol because i don't think anyone else has or ever will have this "problem" you feel the need to point out.

i really wish that the links worked! </3 otherwise, i think it's a fun little game, i love this genre of hauntings inside of games/pcs/consoles/etc etc and so i wish there was more to this story but still a fun one regardless!


such a beautiful little game <3 i wish there was more!!!

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this really creeped me out! thank you for sharing it <3
i just wish there were multiple endings or more :')

i haven't played this yet, but wow i'm so excited about playing this house of leaves ttrpg! thank you for making this, i'll def write a proper review once i actually play it but i just got really excited!

thank you for the good house of leaves content we all needed
the house on Ash Tree Lane has So much potential for a good horror game and im glad a couple people are trying to make something with it!!

wowowow! this was super cool! absolutely love the way the house looks, it's a bit similar to how i had imagined it when i had read the book, it's a pretty cool feeling! :-))
i've always thought of how much i'd love to see House of Leaves portrayed in a movie, video game, cartoon, graphic novel etc etc and it's sososo cool seeing that brought to life a bit!
i'd really love to see a full game for this one day!! overall, really great work, i loved the art, the effects and the atmosphere! thank you for making this! i hope you got a great grade on it <3

wow cool house of leaves game