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Fun little game, I like the little messages the cactus speak, this could be fun as a small time wasting mobile game with a bit more effort put into making the models look consistant. Overall pretty good!

Took me too long to realise you can move xD. Its a simple but fun idea, good work!

Very cool concept for your game, the art is simplistic but doesnt take away from the gameplay and I feel it could be a very fun game to play with more development and work put in to it.

Wow the sound effects and graphics are supreme as always Sheyne, fantastic work! The ship firing really gives you the feeling of a powerful force being unleashed

Wow this game is amazing, great work guys! 5 stars

Nice game, like the music and graphics, I just suck at it 

I love this game! Its very funny and while it could use a bit harder gameplay was very fun to play. Great work Ty!

Wow you guys have really upped the competition here, the models and sound are great! The gameplay could use a bit of work (its very very hard) but I love the feel of the game, the movement feels nice and the camera controller is ok. I think this could be a winner with a couple bug fixes!

Wish I could play this game to rate it! Looks like a lot of fun

Looks nice and clean, seems to need some UI work (the failed screen shows even when you're playing) but its fun and I love the destruction animation of the cubes. Nice work positive!

Great job with your game! This is very good for a first game, I bet bouncing the ball off of stuff was kind of tricky but it feels good! I love the ball moving speed, it adds more difficulty to the game and more fun in my opinion.

Games just crashes for me

Great work dude! I LOVE the mouse control, the fine control over your spaceship that gave you is really amazing for the gameplay. With a bit more time and work this game could be really fun!

Great work I think you should win this jam dude!

I really like the look of this game, the retro look is great! Its very, very difficult which makes it less fun to play since I cant even last 15 seconds but it fits with the jam theme well.

The moving is just terrible though and is very frustrating to use, if that was fixed and the difficulty fixed a bit it would be a very fun game!

No linux :(

I really love this game, the idea and the execution of it is amazing.

Literally the only bad thing I can think of is the way the levels are built you can see overhangs of the rectangles made to make the walls

Cool game! It looks pretty nice and feels nice to use and I love the music.

It seems like you dont use a large resolution monitor - because for me using desktop monitors everything is very small and the particle effect background only covers around 2/3 of the screen I feel like with a bit more time this game could  be really fun!

Its so hard that its not really fun

I love the graphics on this game! Sweet gameplay and feels nice to use.

Great job!

No linux version :(

10/10 Game I love this game this is the best game in the world, you should all rate 10/10 game I (not the maker) think this should win the gamejam!