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Awesome. Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response. We did try pausing by clicking the B button in an offline game. It went to the main menu but the game continued underneath the obscured screen. We will look forward to the next update!  This is the one video game my wife of 30+ years and I both enjoy playing together and we usually will play in offline mode though we will use the online mode to play with our sons (one who lives in a different country).  Collusion does go against the free market mechanics, but it helps when teaching new players the game without letting them get crushed, especially by a computer player. Thank you for all of your hard work with this game!


Love the game. We are used to playing the Atari 800 version. In this version, how do you pause the game?  Also, how do two players collude during a trade?  On the Atari 800, it just required two people to press the button on the joysticks simultaneously.  We are running the Windows version and using two XBox type controllers. Thank you!