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By the way @Thejaspel , the Rabbit's lottery is broken. The Buckle dropped on the edge as you see and it keeps bouncing, never won my prize, 1/10 >:(

Edit: Damn I'm stupid, 10/10! I got my prize after all! No closing screen is all!

Guys, is this supposed to be THIS easy??? Easiest run I've ever had so far, only playing for the 3rd time in 2 days now though xd

Thanks for making such a wonderful and emotional game. Smelly was truly a tortured soul, as was the Bat Boy who had to suffer alone after he was gone.

Really nice game Feci! Different type of game to what I was expecting, but it didn't matter because I enjoyed it thoroughly anyways :)

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Hello there! I was taking my time enjoying the mystery ambience while playing, and I happened to found the "mausoleum"  the ghost led me to after I completed the graveyard puzzle, but once I entered and messed with the unlit candles (doing nothing, since I didn't get the lighter yet...) suddenly locked me out, and now I can't get in... 

  I was just wondering if that was in the game design! I feel like I did something wrong to potentially messed up my run and will have to start over...

Edit: It appears I have a messed up memory and head instead of messed run! The candles are in the tower, not the strange building I THOUGHT I had gone into! Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Edit 2: Well, It turns out the "mausoleum"  has the rope inside Which I had already gotten! Who would have thought of that!? My mind is breaking apart Ferociter, and your game is to blame! xD

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Oops, I did mean the far right! Also, I finished the game yesterday without any other issues, so thanks for the tips! No reason to panic fix.

 I'm sticking with my good old credentials, I prefer things staying like that! Too bad Kongregate didn't go very well after flash ended, but we have to keep going, I wish you well in doing just what you want!

@Ferociter Hey there, glad to play another pretty game with your special style! I want to report something that's probably a bug. 

At the 3rd unlocked floor of the tower, on the far left where the player is able to get to the outside of the tower for the first time, one of the two platform generating blocks, the right one, doesn't work, as if the light pulse hitting it is too short. 

But get this: when I pause the game in-between pulses it actually generates one platform! I hope you can give some insight into this! Thanks!