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I need your full Id so that i can friend you. so that I can message you

I don't have a twitter... I do have discord though!

Yeah it's because the full game wasn't marked compatible with anything so the desktop app won't allow you to download it

The "Cope Island Adrift 1.6.exe" is not marked as windows compatible causing it to download the demo instead of the full game when downloading from the desktop app

Mendel community · Created a new topic The games code

I am very interested in making a game like this. and I was wondering if I could look at the code to try to figure out how to make a game like this.

Also I wouldn't mind some tips on how to do this stuff. ( :

What are the controls


hey um the post jam version doesn't support any operating system

I am interested in playing but sadly i can't because you don't have keyboard support

ok there are some bugs i encountered like the game will lag when teleport me up into the air also sometimes it will lag and i will be looking in a completely different direction most of the time directly down which has made me die a lot but other then that it was a great game but maybe a tad to easy i beat it on my second try