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Very nice! 😉💪🏻

What's your problem? Can you post a screenshot with the error that you get?

Hi there! How to set the language on the game in Steam? It starts directly in Spanish and I don't have any option menu. Thanks! :)

Totally agree. I just quit playing because restarting every time is really annoying and frustrating.

Hi Mat! Thank you for your kind reply.

I have no more the link for the download, but my order number was 7570 on 24 March 2016.

You can send me an updated link to the email address that I'll send you on messenger.

Thank you, bye! 😉

Indeed. But I'd like to have also the most updated version of the Flash Era™. I'm quite of an archivist, you know? ;)

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Very nice! Is there an update for those who bought the collection on your site years ago (like me)? ;)

Thanks! :)

Would you be interested in translating the game in English and Italian? Let me know. ;)

Man... this game is so awesome that I dream about a complete series of full-length episodes with this artistic mastery and this subtle tension climax. Not to mention the perfect Twilight Zone vibe! Damn, I want a full length series so bad! ;)