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Yes, it's a hard passage. You first have to use the first mine to project the spiky ball away (by activating the mine just before the ball falls), and then once the spiky ball isn't in the way, you have to use the mine explosion to project yourself on the air and be able to get on top of the wall. I just taped a little video if you want an example: passing the first screen. I consider simplifying this first panel, but I like it this way..

Oh ok, that's strange, you should not need administrator to modify a file. I'll investigate.

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Great. At least I know it works not only on my computer.
Many of them yes, but "maps/" is for play, I tested with my friend and it takes a good 30 min to finish it. There are many dangerous areas. (Maybe make sure you have the last version? I am still modifying a lot the maps)

There is now some on the repository (like one good for now: Did you manage to use the script?

Hello fellow eggnogg creatures. 

Here is a script I wrote to make creating new maps easy. Just read the README and you're good to go.